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S8Wares Android App
Current Version: 2.1.3
$7.99 - USD
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Summary Of Features:
  • Play 8 Storm8 Games From One App!
  • Clone/Mimic/Create Thousands Of Device Udids.
  • Remove Most Ads
  • Quick Heal.
  • Auto Heal
  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Hit/Sanc
  • Blank Name Cleaner
  • Comment Clearing.
  • Custom Background Color.
  • Mission Repeater.

WE SELL In-Game Storm 8 CASH/GOLD/BLOOD/FLESH, We have several sales both daily and weekly for most storm8 games starting at just $4.99!

We offer our services as CHEAP as possible so everyone can afford them. Too Expensive You Say, We Charge More Because We Do It Best! We put in the effort to provide the best possible service to YOU, our customers.

For you non-believers out there, we certainly do understand. The majority of people do not believe we are legitimate until they see what we can do. We are not here to take advantage of anyone. We will earn our keep and trust in you as we progress. Keep in mind that you are protected by PayPal and thousands have used our services prior to you and left customer reviews.

We Are Constantly Striving To Improve Our Service. If You Have A Suggestion That Would Help Us In That Goal, Please Send Us A Message Via The Contact Page.